What’s on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Four day in a row posting, I’m proud of myself! So today, as you might have noticed, I have a different kind of post! Because I’m doing a lot of wishlist this week I decided the other posts would be about something else rather than clothing and beauty… And this post, let me tell you, I have it on my “Blog Post Ideas” book for quite a while, I just never felt it was alright to do it… And the reason for that is – I was thinking about creating an youtube channel, and this is the tittle that’s more suitable for a video! But, I’ve been putting that idea a bit aside because I’ll still trying to gather some equipment for my camera. I still think about it, just haven’t yet had the courage to give it a go…

But yeah, enough with the chit chat! This is very simple, today I’ll show you what I have on my iPhone and talk to you a bit about my favorite apps! So without further ado, you know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along!

First and Second Menu | Basic S***

So, obviously, first, you have my lock screen! This one I change sometimes, I usually put up my favorite photo of some shoot I do for the blog. Currently is this photo I took in October, jeez, I might need to change it!

Then you unlock and you have five menus, the first one is the usual things, a personalized menu on those things I use the most, siri suggestions, the weather, calendar, reminders, notes and my favorite contacts in case there’s an emergency!

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

You then have the second menu where I keep all the ‘phone’ things, those apps that come with apple, the photo gallery, the camera, weather, calendar, pretty much all you can see on the picture! This menu is quite standard but it’s also probably the one I use less…

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading


Third Menu | Bunch of  No Use

Now we can get to business! The third menu is way more personalized! Here I have some socials like youtube and messenger, my gaming, my shopping, my editing and a bunch of apps as you can see! So let me talk to you a bit about some in general! If you open the shopping case you’ll find the typical shops like Bershka, Zara, Stradivarius, H&M… And you’ll also find some of the blog partners like Zaful, Rosegal and Newchic! Also, check out my favorite from here, the Lidl app!

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

I’m not gonna elongate much on this menu because a bunch of these are here just because. Like, I don’t play much these days simply cause I don’t have time to… but yes, I used to be a Hay Day kind of girl and I also loved Candy Crush and 2048! In this menu you’ll also find the typical iger app where I track my followers on IG. Yes, I do that because I like to engage. Some people add me over some pod and I add them back, and five minutes later I get an unfollow! So, if you’re reading this and did this to me or any one else, know that we can track that! I know exactly what you’re doing out there alright! And Imma unfollow you back – You’re Welcome!

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

Editing Like a Pro 

Now on to my favorite part of this menu, the editing apps! Although I have quite a few I only use about three of them regularly. I have the standard apps that come with Instagram like Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout but don’t use them much… Lightroom CC is my favorite from these! It’s where I edit all my Instagram photos, and sometimes some of the blog photos! And if you know my IG feed I then add a white frame to it, that cutesie I do on InShot!

You might notice I also have VSCO, it was the app I used to edit my photos before finding Lightroom was available for free download! I still use it sometimes, but because I’m a designer I prefer LR just because I can play a bit more with each setting from the picture! Don’t get me wrong, VSCO has some cool presets I still enjoy, but I feel like to take the most of it I’d have to pay and with LR I can do whatever for free. Also, the photo quality after downloaded from the app is way better on LR!

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

Fourth Menu | Total Mess

So, supposedly I created menus on my phone to keep things organized… And as I’m doing this post I realized it’s a perfect mess out here! But surprisingly I get along quite well on this chaos, I mean, I know exaclty where everything is! So this menu feels so professional! You can see my finances apps, my LinkedIn and some other socials. Honeslty, I thought I had them all on the same place. Music and News are also welcome!

Out of all these I’d say I find the finances quite helpfull because I’m not always nearby an ATM and I can do everything out of my cell! I have the Facebook Pages app but I don’t use it much… I rather use the computer to post! Also, check that LookBook Icon! This is a new social platform I encoutered the other day and it’s sort of an IG just for looks of the day! I enjoy it because it’s different. Although I sometimes post the same pictures I use on IG I feel like this one is less worrying you know…

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

Fifth Menu | The Real Deal

So here is my most used menu! If you unlock my phone, chances of it being on this menu are 95%. And I don’t have much here, only the essentials of everyday! First of all let me explain why I created such a short menu when the others clearly had space – Simple! I wanted a menu where I could actually see my background photo! Because the other menus are so full of s*** I can’t see s***! So for this one I chose what I use the most – WhatsApp and my social platforms!

So if you open the socials case you’ll find Snapchat (I don’t use much these days), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Influenster, being these last two the least used. Yes, I’m a Tumblr girl! I post only on black and white and unfortunately I haven’t been using it much but I go there from time to time…

Facebook it’s a classic but I must admit I use it mainly because of the blog and my foreign friends! It’s the best way to be in touch with the community and promote this space here so… I obviously have a page to this cutesie make sure you go give it some love! Twitter is mixed feelings for me, I’m always on and off with it… I start using it and gain some followers, I then forget about it and loose them all, and then start all over again! I don’t know why I do this to myself, don’t ask, don’t tell right?

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

The Real Deal

For the last I left Instagram and Pinterest, definitely not least! I use Instagram all the time, if you’d ask me I’d say without a doubt it is my favorite social platform! And I care about it as much as I care about the blog! Because good content here means good content on IG! I feel like it is the place to be if you want to succeed on blogging because everyone and every store is on IG! And I’m not saying this because of monetizing, I’m saying this because my personal experience showed me I can engage way more though photography! So I try to catch peoples attention through it and then redirect them to the real deal – my blog!

And to end, Pinterest! My second favorite after IG! This thing is better than google images! I’m constantly looking for tips, ideas and inspiration here! Being a Blogger and a Designer I feel like Pinterest is definitely my Best Friend! You’ll find a banner to follow me on the bottom of the page so feel free to engage! I post about literally everything here! From fashion to architecture, you got wedding, diy’s, nail art, style, runways, clothing patterns, you can find it all! So make sure you follow me!

What's on My iPhone? | Editing and Uploading

And that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know if you’d like me to talk a bit more on how I edit my photos and how I use my editing apps on the phone! Honeslty, just let me know what you’d like to read here because I wanna make this space as interactive as possible! I’ll try and be back soon!

In the meantime, Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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