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Hello Fellas! How you doin?! Hope you had a wonderful entrance in this new year! I myself am not a new year kind of person… I don’t pay much attention to this festivity, I admit I only celebrate it still because I live with my parents. Not sure if things will keep that way when I start living by myself or with my other half! Anyways, this is not what I came here to talk about! As you might have noticed by the tittle, guess who found a new store online?!

That’s right! I was searching for new coops, I mean, Imma be straight honest, every blogger does that and you know it! I’m not gonna be successful or make blogging a part time job unless I put myself out there! And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! So expect new things this year! And expect store presentations this week! This is the first, but, if I manage to do everything on my list, this week I’ll post everyday! I wanted to take this for the entire month because Cronics of a Passion Fruit is celebrating two years this month! How exciting is that! But again, I’ll leave that to another time!

Today, I bring you Newchic! And you already know the deal! I’ll introduce you the store with a magnificent outfit wishlist! So click that Read More button and come see what I picked this time!

For starters, I’d like to let you know they are currently on sales and clearance, so hurry up and take this opportunity because it is totally worth it!


For the upper part of this outfit I chose two items, one cute trumpet long sleeve shirt! It is polka dot and that’s what got my eye! But because it’s winter time I decided I’d go for a winter look! So, instead of a jacket to cover up the shirt I chose a turtle neck sweatshirt. It is kind of oversized and irregular. The sleeves, although long, are shorter than the shirt sleeves and wide, meaning, you’ll be able to see the shirt sleeves underneath – Amazing!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Polka Dot Trumpet Shirt

Find this shirt HERE!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Irregular Turtle Neck Sweatshirt

You can find this HERE!



For the bottoms I decided to choose two different items, because I’m the type of person that’s always unsure on whether to wear jeans or skirts on winter! So I went for both looks! In both cases I chose high waist pieces because that for me is kind of mandatory… So first pick was this gorgeous pants, black with a white stripe on the side! What I love the most about this is their day to day classic cut, meaning you can put them together with whatever!

Put on a blouse and some heels and you’re ready for work. Add a basic shirt and some sneakers and it coffee time with some friends! My other choice was this lace up skirt! I’ve never used one, but I always been curious about it, and it sort of caught my eye, so I thought, why not!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Classic Striped High Waist Pants

You can find this HERE!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Lace Up High Waist Skirt

You can find this HERE!



To finish up the look I chose three items to accessorize! First is, obviously, the shoes! Because it’s winter I went for closed suede heels, I just engaged to the doll look of them. And to combine with the shoes, a bucket leather bag! All in black of course! Finally, I wanted some jewelry. But because I chose a turtle neck I couldn’t go for necklace or earrings. Because it’s winter, rings aren’t also a thing because you’ll most likely wear gloves, so what was left was a watch! There are plenty there but I opted for this silver one, it’s basic and classic, just the way I like! And it goes perfectly with the grey sweatshirt!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Suede Pumps

You can find this HERE!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Bucket Bag

You can find this HERE!

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Classic Silver Watch

You can find this HERE!

Black is my Happy Color | Overall Looks

NewChic Wishlist | Black is my Happy Color - Overall Looks

I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’r forget to go check their sales! I promise I’ll be back soon! (literally tomorrow) with more fashion and more beauty and more news! That’s right, if things go as planned, this year is going to be a great year for blogging! And I wanna start the best way possible, celebrating this space birthday! Don’t forget to leave in the comments your thoughts! And follow me on my socials to keep up with all the news!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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