Rosegal Wishlist | Valentine’s Day

Rosegal Wishlist - Valentine's Day

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you had a lovely weekend, I myself had a full on work kind of weekend, but it’s okay! Because you get nowhere without work and I actually enjoy working for you guys! Once again, I apologize for not posting last friday, I had terrible head hakes Wednesday and Thursday like I said and unfortunately didn’t manage to finish this post… But enough with the chit chat, lets get to business! As you might have noticed I’m doing a wishlist today! Another one, I know! But I just enjoy wandering around the websites! And Rosegal challenged me to do one wishlist Valentine’s Day related! So obviously I said yes and here we are!

I thought it’d be a cool idea to stick with the outfit put together kind of wishlist and create something I’d wear on this Valentine’s day! Make up and accessories included! So without further ado, you know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along!

My Make Up Routine

My Make Up Routine

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Not the case for me tho… Unfortunately it has been a couple of stressful weeks lately and my body is on the edge of a meltdown… I’m writing this with several head hakes and I hate it because it’s very hard to keep my focus when I’m like this but I made a promise I’d post every week day and so I’m trying my best! I had this post half planed! This is going to be a different post from usual, and thank god for that! When my system started to shut down all that was missing was a bit of writing to give you a hint of what after the Read More button!

So here’s the deal, I’ve been wanting to show you my make up routine for a long time now! And one other thing I’ve been thinking about as well is starting a youtube channel! So I decided I’d give you guys a video of what I do every morning instead of photographing every step of the way! I’ll still leave a list of all the products I’m using after the video! So I hope you enjoy! And without further ado, you know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along!!!

Story Time | Reilliza

Story Time | Reilliza

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to the new series! I’m not gonna elongate to much but I want to give you a little heads up on what this is all about! Very simple actually, on Story Time I will interview some fellow bloggers! I want to get to know people a bit better and their places! And I want to share that with my audience! But here is the catch! To enter this interview my gals need to tell me and the world a funny story about them! So without further ado, meet Petra! The very first to enter this game! Lets read her story! And get to know her!

My story is about my first partnership with an online store, because of my blog. I always dreamed of working in the world of blogs, but I never thought that some day my work would be recognized. When my blog was only two months old I received a proposal of a fashion store, where I could choose some itens, in the amount of 20 dollars. The funny part is that I was so excited to receive those things that I took days until I could choose something! I was so amazed that I could not decide. In the end, I made lists and search for hours and hours until I made up my mind!

Fashion Design | Jumpsuit

One more Fashion Design work.

This time I drew a jumpsuit to use on a christening. It took a lot of time do do the patterns and sew everything together but I finished just on time!

The material chosen was a black knitting for the pants and top interior and a pearl lace with flower details.

Besides doing the design I also made the top patterns from scratch as you can see on the pictures. Cut and sew everything at home.

To see the entire project, from sketch to the actual product developed click the Read More button.

Note: If you are interested in my work and/or want to know more about it please feel free to contact me.