Christmas Sweaters with Simple Dress

Hello Fellas! Can you believe it! It’s that time of the year again! My absolute favorite season to be in and to plan! It’s officially Christmas Time! And I am so excited! This year I started planning it a bit too early, and my mom told me I could only think about Christmas after mid November… Well, I declare the season open! If I could, I’d be putting up my tree already! But because I live in my moms house I’ll probably just set something up on my room! I will show you, son’t worry!

But this is not What I’m here to talk to you about! Those who know me know I’m very festive during Christmas time, and one of my absolute favorite things to have is an Ugly Christmas Sweater! Also, got no idea why they call it ugly, they’re quite cute, but it’s a termination, dunno, makes no sense to me… Anyways! I’ve been searching and, as always,  I found this store online that has some really cute sweaters! At some really cute prices! considering what I’ve been paying for mine and my sisters’. So, you know the deal, click that Read More button and come meet the store!

OOTD | Visiting Guimarães Castle

Hello Fellas! How you doin’?! Welcome back to my space! And welcome back to another OOTD! I promised you I’d try to be more active in this category and here I am! As you might know, or not, I studied in Guimarães for three years! That’s also the place where I met the love of my life, who is still there studying. And because of that I get to go there a couple of times a month to be with him, and to finally visit some places! Yes, because I thought I’d have the time to spend on going around and meet every single place and I didn’t! So finally, after three years, I had the chance to go to the biggest monument of Guimarães, Portugal’s crib, the Castle! Obviously I took this time and the amazing place to photograph an outfit for you guys! It’s finally sweater weather! Summer came to last this year, but November made it to an end! The cold is here and strong! And this year I am appreciating this to create cute looks with my new items I bought for fall! There are still a coupleof things I wanted to add to my wardrobe, but I’ getting there! And due to my new job I can now only have proper looks on Saturdays and Sundays… Luckily bae was into it and took this amazing photos of me! I also took some more artistic ones, some landscape ones that you can see on my photography page HERE! You know the deal! Hit that Read More button and come check the entire outfit!

Graphic Design | Wedding Invitations

This is one of my latest Graphic Design work, and one of my favorite so far! A friend of mine is getting married next year and asked me for personalized special invitations for her bridesmaids and god mothers/fathers!

She wanted something that would personify each gender, and look like a wedding thing so I designed a dress and a suit, respectively for woman and man’s invites.

The entire design was done on Adobe Illustrator, from scratch (I designed about ten different dresses so she could choose one) and then painted on Photoshop.

The lettering was then assembled on the Canva site.

To see the entire project click on the Read More button!

If you are interested in my work and/or want to know more about it please feel free to contact me.

Get Sassy With Sassy My Prom

Hello Fellas! Here I am, once again, to talk to you about a new store I discovered online! You’ve probably already heard of it, but if you didn’t, meet Sassy My Prom! An online store that sells all you need for your prom or a big event, like a wedding! Either you are a guest or even the bride! Here you can find everything from dresses, to veils, to all kind of accessories, even make up! Well, if you know me, you know the best way I have to present to you a new store is by giving you a wishlist! So here it comes! I wandered on the website for a couple of hours maybe and ended up choosing a couple of things to complete a look! As Always, I went for affordable items! There you can go from 99$ for a dress, to 300$! Accessories are less… I am not having a prom night any time soon or ever actually as I’m already graduated, but I tough it’d be nice to put together some choices for girls who are having one! Therefore I decided I was going for to distinguished looks! One short style and a long style, to fit every body’s tastes! But enough of chit chat, lets get to business! You know the deal, click the Read More button and lets put together an outfit!

Guimarães All Fashion F’W

Hello Fellas! I’m back again with a fashion post! This time I’m gonna share with you what I saw and my opinion on a fashion show I went last week in Guimarães! For those who don’t know me that’s the city I took my Fashion Degree! Therefore I always like to attend to fashion events there, I’m always well welcome and needless to say I feel at home instantly! Unfortunately I only could be there one of the days, the runway was open Friday and Saturday night, and you can check everything on their Facebook page! Again, I attended only one day, Saturday, where I could see collections from Lurdes Rodrigues, Pé de Chumbo, Cotton Brothers and Marilne Noivas. I will now leave you with some photos I took, not from the entire collections but my fav pieces! I’ll also leave you the links to their pages so you can check the entire thing! You know the deal! Click that Read More button and come with me!