Halloweeny Rosegal WishList

Hello fellas! Welcome back to my place! Today I bring you, once more, a wishlist (as you might have noticed from the start!). But this list is a bit different from the last ones! As Halloween is almost here I’ve started wandering online for costume ideas as I’m planing on going out! During my search I stumbled across this amazing thing and thought I needed to share it with you! Once again Rosegal is with a huge promotion! Up to 65% on most of their Halloween products! Obviously I had to share this with you, and as I was scrolling down their Page I thought it’d be a good idea to select some things and put together a cool outfit idea for a good and cheap costume! And guess what, that’s exactly what this post is about! Also, I found this special page they made for Halloween with reviews of the clothing and accessories, I didn’t know, but apart from the shopping site they also have a Blog! Here they post mainly reviews, news and updates! Quite cool! But lets get to business! Hit that Read More button and lets get halloweeny!

Alright, after scrolling for a bit I decided I was going for the classic witch look kind of vibe! For that I started by selecting this black layered asymmetric dress! It’s sort of a fit and flare gothic style, perfect for the look I’m going for! It costs 11,51€ and you can find it here.

Next thing on my list, and the next I searched for was a jacket! Because lets face it, although it seems like the summer came to stay this year, I firmly believe this heat wave is about to stop! I mean, it’s been raining a lot this past week. So, because I don’t wanna be cold with the tiny dress e went for a more vintage look kind of coat. Found this amazing one with a hoodie and a corset/ lace up back! It’s the cuttest thing ever and totally fits the witchy look! It is a bit expensive tho, 26,78€ and you can find it here.

Having the main pieces chosen I needed to accessorize a bit, and guess what! Accessories are also on sale! So I picked this choker that looks like blood! It costs 1,85€ and you can find it here. Also, I thought it’d be a good idea to add some colorful wig and they have a really cute one that costs 12,05€! You can find it here.

Ohh, and because the house also deserves soe decor I really liked these LED lights shaped after the classic pumpkin! They cost 5,18€ and you can find them here.

I hope you enjoyed this selection,also have a nice Halloween! And feel free to share your look ideas with me! I’ll try and be back soon!

Meanwhile, stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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