OOTD | Farewell Summer

Because the summer is almost at its end I decided to put together an outfit that is the best thing for those times when you have to leave the house on a sunny day but you’re not quite sure what you’re up to… So you can either end on a picnic by the ocean, drinking cocktails at a sunset or, ultimately, go for a river swim! Therefore, and having no concrete plans, I picked up one of my swimsuits – I chose this green one because it’s the one that looks more like a top! I paired it up with extreme high waist shorts – went for my favs at the moment, this stripy ones as I’m obsessed with navy looks for this summer! Lastly chose to wear a bandanna to keep my hair out of my eyes, picked my sunglasses and my fav sneakers! And voila! A cool casual look that can be used in every situation you can think of! Summer wise obvs! What I love the most about this outfit is the fact that all I need to do is take off my shorts and I’m ready for sunbath!

If you wanna see the rest of the photos and the stores where I bought all of this just click the Read More button!

What I Got From Rosegal

Remember Rosegal? That online store I talked to you about that has amazing things at amazing prices? Well, they’re now with a campaign called Summer Clearence and I’m in love with some of the off the shoulder summer dresses, I mean, they’re totally in and totally cool! And of course, the prices are to die for, especially on sales! But I’m not here today to have another selection of products I want, if I was, I’d stay here too long cause I honestly can’t decide and have already about a hundred items on my shopping card to look at (not even joking tho ahahah). The reason I’m writing this today is, remember the Wishlist post? Well, dreams come true, and so do wishes! I am one lucky girl because they offered me a package with all those goodies I wanted! So if you wanna see me in the amazing products I showed you last time, just hit that Read More button!

Again, there’s a surprise at the end!

my swimwear collection ’17

Ohh dear lord, thank god my computer is back! I have this post ready to upload for two weeks now! Unfortunately my computer bailed on me and I had to sent it to a doctor to be fixed and reseted, it is back and so am I! I’m so happy that none of my work was lost, and the best part is I can finally show you the second part of this year summer trends, MY VISION of it! As you must remember, on my last post I talked to you about the seven swimwear trends that have taken over this summer, and I’m proud to proclame I was able to get them all! well, almost! Some of the bikinis I’m going to show you I bought them last year, by the end of summer, so I barely used them… some of them are new! And there’s one I made myself (as you might know for my beautiful description, I’m a designer)! So lets get to business, if you wanna see my choices and how I look on this summer trends just hit that Read More! 

OOTD | Those who love Stay!

The title doesn’t make proper justice as this isn’t obviously today’s outfit but it was the outfit I chose to go and visit my boyfriend at his hometown the other day! For those of you who are Portuguese and are aware of northern culture you probably know the saying “those who like come, those who love stay”, the catch phrase of Viana do Castelo, and that’s exactly where I went! My bae knows me too well and to start the day perfectly he chose to show me this perfect stop, it’s a sanctuary named after a saint – Basílica de Santa Luzia – and it has one of the most amazing views I’ve ever witnessed, I continue to say we have such great places to visit here in Portugal, I’m always amazed with such beauty! To get there we climbed 659 stairs, and let me tell, I’m used to big walks and stairs, but those are tremendously high! But, it was worth it, SOO WORTH IT! The view is amazing, the weather was even better, I loved it! Obviously I had to use that view at my advantage and so I picked up my camera handed it to my faithful company and here you have the result!

One last thing, the weather in Viana is good, not great but good, yes it was sunny, but also windy, you’ll notice I’m wearing a long sleeve dress when it was probably 30 degrees (C) but as I’m an interior girl I’m used to stuffy weather, meaning that in my hometown 30ºC feels like 40ºC and so there, 30ºC felt like 20ºC to me due to the fact it is too close to the sea, therefore more wind, more humidity, bla bla bla you get me! He doesn’t! So to see more about my outfit just click on the Read More button and come along to my improvised photo shoot!

7 swimwear trends that are taking over this summer!

I know what you all thinking about, Cláudia, what the actual fuck, the summer started ages ago and your putting up a post about summer trends now? Well, you see, my summer started this week, as I said before I finished my degree by the end of June, and because I really needed money to continue my studies next year I jumped right in into a job offer, stayed there for a month and fired myself, it sucked! So, one month later I cometed job suicide, about seven months later since I was an actual blogger and two months after summer really started for most of the people I know, here I am, finally posting about something I have in my mind for three months at least! Sweeties, I’m trying, I swear I am, to be more present here, I got plenty on ideas to write about, I just really need the time to do it, and I might just found some! But lets get back to business! For those of you who haven’t yet started living the summer vibes and are on to be fashionable this season I made a selection of the 7 trend that are in this year! Like last year imma do a series of three posts about this, firstly I will introduce you to the trendsetters launched by Miami Swim Week, the second post will be about store you can find this kind of trends and in the third and final one I’ll be showing you my choices for this summer! So if you wanna know all bout it just stay tuned because here comes the sun and one of my favorite clothing seasons of the year!!!