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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! So, as you might see from the tittle, I am launching a new category! Hurray! And it is called Review Time! I decided to create this one because I get some blogger mail delivered now, some stores have enough items for a haul, others I can just put together an outfit, and some cases, like this one, I get sent either only one item or just a things I can’t quite build any content beyond reviewing. Also, You know I love to share my most true honest opinion with you guys, and I have been doing it ever since I started the blog, so it makes more than perfect sense to have a category named after its purpose!

So, without further ado, we’ll start this new cronic with a store I already talked about here! Remember Sassy My Prom? I’ve done a wishlist here staring them where I put together two different outfits for prom ideas! After that they were very kind and sent me a gift! A sweater, a pair of earrings and a necklace! Today, I’ll show talk to you and show you only all about the sweater! But you can check my youtube channel, I’ll be uploading a video there where you can see everything in detail and listen to me giving one more honest opinion!

Now, lets get to business! Hit that Read More button and ride along!

OOTD | Back t Black With NewChic

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! I myself had a blast although I wasn’t on the best of moods… For starters I ended up the week with a new job! I couldn’t be more excited as I am already ticking my wishlist for 2018! I’m not gonna give away too much about that because I want to properly explain to you guys my career… So I’ll leave the details to another time! Saturday started with an early morning heading to Guimarães for a ceremony at the University. It is the Engineer School Week and they celebrated with a Graduation ceremony for their students.

Of course I’m included because although I took fashion I belonged to that school and was invited to get my year book. It was really good to see some people, and the best part was I got the opportunity to gather some of my work. That ended with a lunch with two of my best friends at a local place Dan’s. I talked about this restaurant here already!

The day continued with some minutes of sleep because I was exhausted from the week and dinner with my sister and another friend. We have this tradition of going to a Chinese Restaurant from time to time. The night ended at the Casino! It was my first time there and no, I am not rich, I did not win a god damn thing! What a shame! Well, there’s a saying that explains you either get lucky on love or gamble, and I admit, I’m quite good with my love life so I’m happy! The next day was obviously spent sleeping, tidying and working for you guys! Editing and posting!

But enough with the chit chat, I’m here to talk to you about what I chose to wear to the ceremony so click that Read More button and check some photos!!!

Get the Look With Yoins | Rihanna

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Today I bring you a new cronic – Get the Look! Has the name suggests I’ll be trying to get some celebrities look through out some affordable stores! For the first episode of this series I chose Rihanna because she has presented two looks this month that are different and irreverent, just like herself! And the store I chose to ‘buy’ the look is Yoins! You might remember this store from a previous post of mine where I put together a Yoins clothing full outfit!

I’ll present to you the two looks from Rihanna and those will be followed by similar clothes and accessories I found on Yoins store! So without further ado, you know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along!

Story Time | Tudo e Coisa Nenhuma

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to another Story Time! Without Further ado, meet Ana and her unique blog! As usual, let’s read her story and get to know her!

So, in 2016 I did an Internship at an Health Centre. Of course I knew nothing about what I was going to do, about the place, the people that I was going to work with, nothing. In my first weeks I had a lot to read (a lot!) and had a lot of meetings with my coordinator. On a Wednesday afternoon my coordinator told me I should go to the conference room to get to know the people with whom I was going to work in some school projects (like sexual education projects for example).

So I went there and there where like twenty people filing the room and all of them had a white scrub… and me, with my sweat and jeans. I found that a bit odd but I thought to myself “this is the only conference room, so It must be here”. And then someone started talking “Thank you all for joining us at this asthma class”….. Yup that was the wrong place for me to be and of course that I had to leave to go to my actual meeting and of course that everybody looked at me and I had to apologize in front of all of them.

Rosegal Unboxing | Try On Haul

Rosegal Unboxing - Banner

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Ohh My God! It has been a while! One entire week without posting! I feel so sad! I wanna say I’m very sorry for that… But if you follow my page on facebook you’d know I had some technical issues with my domain, and it got deactivated for a couple of days… Fortunately I managed to solve everything in time to get back on posting this week! I’m happy again!

So, as you might checked on the banner today is all about unboxing! Hurray! I got a parcel delivered last week from Rosegal and besides filming it all I obviously took some pictures to show you everything! Before getting to business I just wanna leave a tiny note, in order to write this post I went back to Rosegal’s website to leave you the links for the products and noticed they have a promo going on for one of the must haves for this winter – Mermaid Blankets! You can buy one for least than 10$ guys! So rush in and don’t miss on this opportunity!

And without further ado! You know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along my try on haul!

Note: to buy the item just click the photo and you’ll be redirected to Rosegal’s website!